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Kaiapoi Christchurch New zealand
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A program for training to play, including Youth Premier teams at 13th and 14th grade, and girls only teams for female players for players turning 13-19 years.

Premier Youth grades are the main talent pathways for 13th and 14th grade - see the difference between Premier Youth and Youth HERE

 Note: Attending selection training days are not compulsory for those wanting to play in lower divisions, however it does assist with assigning you to a team at your ability level



The cost for the Youth Grades is $5-$9 per session/game depending on division

A non-refundable $65 is required when registering for Selection Training Days or at registration for those not trialling,

and the remainder paid in two installments of $100 by the 1st June, and 23rd July.
Alternatively the full amount can be paid up front.

The cost for PREMIER Youth teams is $10.50 per session/game

A non-refundable $65 is required when registering for Selection Training Days,
and the remainder paid in four installments of $200 by the 1st May, 1st June, and 1st July, 1st August
Please contact us for other payment options if required.
Alternatively the full amount can be paid up front.
If you would like to apply for a hardship grant through Scorching Goal - please click HERE
Rather than trial games, player grading will be done over a series of trainings, so that coach/selectors can view and assess each players technical base and ensure they are graded into a team that will suit their development level.
Click HERE to view the days and times for this grade
Players should aim to attend as many as possible.  
You must be registered via the Trial registration below, and have paid the $65 fee, which will be deducted from your subs once teams are selected.
Players provide their own shirts for this grade (1xblack, 1xred)
Players also provide their own BLACK shorts and socks, shinpads and boots. 
Socks should go OVER shinpads.  Shin pads are COMPULSORY.
CLICK HERE using the club code Waiu2016 to purchase the club shirts (Park Jersey - Mainland Competition grades),
and view merchandise options from our club supplier. 
Note players can use their Mini Football Red shirt as the alternate if this still fits.
Boots (no metal studs) are recommended as players may train and play on both turf and grass.
All footwear must be clean when entering the turf.
  Players should also bring a water bottle. 
In winter it is recommended that players wear a polyproplene or warm top under their shirts. 
They can wear beanies and gloves.
Development grades are subject to decisions made by Mainland Football.
Generally cancellations are only made due to ground conditions or severe weather conditions
Cancellations will be listed on the club website and Facebook page.
If you are trialling for Youth, or Premier Youth teams click to register HERE
Once teams have been selected you will be sent the full registration link
Youth Premier and Youth "A' teams will be named on the club website by 25th February.
If you are not trialling team click to register HERE 
Youth teams playing in the lower divisions will be put together once the Premier Youth and "A"  teams are named
Draws are created by Mainland Football, and are subject to change as teams may be regraded during the season.
U19 Boys - click to express your interest in playing in this junior grade - Click HERE