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WHO? For players turning 6-8 years old

COST? $70 Summer 1, $140 for Winter, $70 Summer 2 - includes an Academy training shirt with Registrations 1, 4, 7 etc

BONUS? Academy ONLY Hoodie included with Registration 4, 10, etc

WHERE? Kendall Park, Kaiapoi

WHEN? 1 session per term - Wednesdays 4-5pm.  Summer 1 = Term 1, Winter  = Term 2 & 3, Summer 2 = Term 4. 8 x 1 hour sessions per term

TERM ONE DATES: Mini Academy begins Wednesday 15th February through to 5th April

FORMAT? The purpose of our Academy is to provide an opportunity to receive high quality training to assist our players on their personal football pathway. The Academy will work alongside the players club training programs provided by their age group coaches, and will always place the interests of the athlete first to minimise over training and fatigue, while providing a safe and fun environment for our players to learn and grow.

The Academy is structure into three parts to match the development characteristics of the player, where in the Mini Academy it is all about discovery of football, having fun and learning very basic playing skills. The Junior Academy is aimed at acquiring the necessary skill set before the player enters the 11v11 format. The Youth Academy is structured to aid in the players game understanding and learning the specific roles and responsibilities of different playing positions that they identify with.

CANCELLATIONS? On wet afternoons a classroom session will be held in the clubrooms.