Passion, Pride, Performance

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Kaiapoi Christchurch New zealand
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Thanks for a great turnout at today's Junior Prizegiving at Kaiapoi Working Men's Club and
congratulations to all the Trophy Winners for 2008 season.

Have a great summer everybody and look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year.

2008 Trophy Winners - Team Awards  
Team Player of the Year Most Improved Player
7th Grade Flashgordons Karl Meyers Bryony McDonald-Hopewell
7th Grade Hawkeyes Layton Robertson Reed Robertson
7th Grade Incredibles Callan Smith Levi Inkson
7th Grade Juggernauts Rory Knowles Matthew Dawson
7th Grade Lightninglands Isaac McCartin Jude Alliston
7th Grade Thermokids Hayden Barnes Riley Newton
8th Grade Dons Ben Hamilton Lucy Leddy
8th Grade Eagles Reuben Fletcher Jack Holmes
8th Grade Hornets Connor Spear D Bowes
8th Grade Panthers Leon Hingston Deston Oneroa
8th Grade Pirates Wayne Richardson Libby Collett
8th Grade Stags Amelia Garvey H Saunders
8th Grade Tigers Blake Walesby C Eder
8th Grade Wanderers Cody Forsyth Rebekah Taylor
9th Grade Bandits Owen Meimaris Nathaniel Cox
9th Grade Knights Sean McAllister Liam Dickson
9th Grade Scorpions Tony Fahey Henry Moreton
9th Grade Wolves Finn Caddie Michael Burrows
10th Grade Flames Katelyn Bayer Tahu Russell
10th Grade Hotspurs Harrison Caughey Connie Davies
10th Grade Strikers Spencer Bird Matthew Petersen
11th Grade Rhys Major-Johnson Bradley Warman
12th Grade Phillip Dunn Cameron Broadhurst
12th Grade Girls Georgia Johnson Kimberley Boswell
13th Grade Red Joshua Wilding K Kim
13th Grade White Henry Bates John Kim
16th Grade Girls Cory Tulett Heidi McConnell
17th Grade Daniel Adams Jason Orchard
2008 Trophy Winners - Club Awards  
Award Name
9th & 10th Grade Golden Boot William McFarlane
7th & 8th Grade Golden Boot Karl Meyers
11th Grade - 17th Grade Girls Golden Boot Tayla Paull
11th Grade - 17th Grade Boys Golden Boot Matthew LeGros
Club Goalkeeper of the Year Daniel Lock
Club Coach of the Year Tim Goodwin
Club Team of the Year 17th Grade