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2005 Award Winners

11th grade
Player of the Year - Max Hadler
Most Improved 11A - Allan Schorr / Jack Parker

Most Improved 11B - Andrea McCorkindale
Most Improved 11C - James Paget

12th grade
Player of the Year - Callum Francis
Most Improved - Michael Wanty

13th grade
Most Improved 13A - Tim Schroeder
Most Improved 13B - Danny van Turnout

14th grade
Player Player - Tim Harrison
Most Improved - Aiden Graham

Junior Youth
Players of the Year - Ben James
Most Improved - Ben Smith

Premier Youth
Most Imporved - Cheyenne Cleeve
Players Player - Joel Paris
Player of the Year - Matthew Poole

Masters A Players Player
- Paul Williamson
Masters B Players Player - Mark Stepphens
Masters C Players Player - Pete Selby

Senior Coach of the Year - Dean Cook
Junior Coach of the Year - Geoff MacMillan

McDonalds Award - Rita Poad