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Cancellations and postponements will ONLY be added to this site when there are some to report: (see below)
If there are NO cancellations NO message will be posted.



Other sources of cancellation information.
  • Listen to More FM and 3ZB for Cancellations from 7.00 am
  •  (click to link to page) or
  • Mainland Cancellation Line 033553595 (opt 9)
  • These sources will give you info regarding teams playing in the Mainland Football competitions - not our JAWS or Nth Canty District League 7th-10th grades. 
It is possible for there to be different cancellation notices for:
  • Junior All Whites
  • 6th - 10th North Canterbury District League
  • Junior Christchurch Competition Grades
  • 11th - 19th Grade
  • Senior Grades