Passion, Pride, Performance

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Kaiapoi Christchurch New zealand
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Monday Twilight Draw         REF  
Wk6 26th March            
Yr 6-8 / 1 pool of 6            
3.45pm Ashgrove V Borough White Boots I1 Abby  
4.30 pm Ohoka Warriors V RNLS Lions I1 Abby  
5.15 pm Ashley V Broomfield Aces I1 Abby  G Final
Yr 4-6 /  1 pool of 6            
3.45 pm Ashgrove Warriors v St Joes J6 Marcus  
4.30 pm Ashley v Southbrook Chargers J6 Marcus  
5.15 pm Leithfield Legends v Borough Black Boots J6 Marcus G Final
Yr 3-4 /  2x pool of 4 and 1 x pool of 7          
3.45pm Pegasus A v Pegasus B J3A Anton  
3.45pm Ohoka Reds V Broomfield Dragons J3B Toby  
4.30 pm Leithfield Lions v Borough Blues J3A Anton  
4.30pm Sefton v Ashgrove Attackers J3B Toby S3 Final
4.30pm St Joes Comets v Leithfield Tigers J4A Macey  
5.15pm Fernside Tigers v RNLS Tigers J3B Toby S1 Final
5.15pm Southbrook Falcons v RNLS Eagles J4A Macey S2 Final
  Ashley v BYE      
Yr 0-2 / 2x pool of 4 and 1 x pool of 7          
3.45pm Cust Tigers v RNLS Dolphins J2A Jacob  
3.45pm RNLS Leopards v Southbrook Dragons J2B Jamie  
4.30pm RNLS Sharks v St joes lil Rats J2A Jacob  
4.30pm Pegasus bay v Ashley J2B Jamie  
5.15pm Ashgrove Phoenix v Ohoka Green J2A Jacob S1 Final
5.15pm Borough Reds v Loburn J2B Jamie S2 final
5.15pm Ashgrove All Stars v Leithfield Bears J3A Anton S3 Final
  Southbrook Crusaders v BYE