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All players, coaches, managers, referees, support staff, administrators, parents, and spectators are required to abide by the NZF Code of Conduct.  This is a requirement on registration with Waimak United FC.
A full copy of the Code is available here



Football to be universally enjoyed has to be played to a standard code of conduct. To avoid bringing the game into disrepute players and coaches  are expected to observe the following code of practice.
Decisions   Accept match official’s decision without question. Referees decision is always final.
Treat your coach, officials and opponents with the respect you would wish them to give you.
If you are not able to make a practice or a game, let your Coach/Manager know - give as much notice as possible.
Appeals     Avoid appealing for decisions to be given in your favour eg. Throw ins, corner kicks, apparent infringements by opponents.
Discipline    Keep your temper under control in all circumstances
Fair Play   Display good sportsmanship. Play fairly without danger to opponents (or your own players)
Sportsmanship Do not indulge in practices of cheating under the guise of ‘gamesmanship’
Language   Foul language will not be tolerated.
Equipment & Clothing 
Take pride in your appearance. Shirts should be tucked in and socks up at all times.
Jewellery must not be worn, earrings, watches, rings etc. 
Boots and Shinpads are compulsory. Shinpads must be covered entirely by socks at all times.
Street glasses are not allowed. Sports glasses must be worn
Hats are not allowed (except for goalkeeper)
Good sport is about positive attitude. Together we can set the right tone and help make the game a success.
  • Respect that people are involved in sport for fun and enjoyment
  • Support good play and applaud good performance from all competitors
  • Attempt to understand the rules of the game
  • Learn the difference between supportive and abusive comments
  • Accept the decisions of officials and coaches
  • Display self-control on the sideline. Always be positive. Never shout at or ridicule players.
  • Show your appreciation of the people who volunteer their time to make sport happen
  • Remember that we are all capable of making mistakes. 
  • Spectators should not stand on the line or encroach onto the pitch at any point during games. 
  • Be observant of other games and both for respect and safety reasons do not cut across pitches when a game is playing
  • Only coaches of junior teams (up to 9th grade) are allowed on the pitch (in their defensive half). 
  • Spectators should stand 1m from sideline and give way to linesman who needs clear view of the entire line. 
  • At no time should spectators stand beside or behind the goal. 
  • Premier games require spectators to be on the opposite side of the pitch to coaches (technical boxes are marked) allowing players to hear directions of coach from one side of pitch only.